About the band...


Oblivion Myth

Proudly waving the Tennessee flag, the fearsome five piece Pure American Metal Band known to the world as Oblivion Myth find themselves right at home in Nashville, TN - “The Metal” Music City, USA.

The brainchild of guitarist Keith Smith, the band has had various incarnations through the years in both Illinois and Florida before putting down roots in Nashville,  early in 2006 when Keith joined forces with young guitar virtuoso Chris Selby and then drummer Patrick Nickell.

The current lineup is fronted by vocalist Ray LeGrand, bassist Randy Stepp and drummer Bob Schultz, alongside Smith. This lineup solidified in 2012 has rekindled their energy and brought a renewed focus which is driving the band towards a bright future.

NAME: Ray LeGrand

BIRTHDAY: June 15th, 1971

HAILS FROM: Poughkeepsie, NY



EQUIPMENT: What God gave me and a Shure Beta SM-57

INFLUENCES: My influences are kind of a hodge-podge depending on the context. Growing up in the 80’s I would listen to everything from Stryper to Slayer and the sounds of 1986-88 in particular seem to have shaped the mainstay of my musical preferences, but vocally my influences are much more diverse. I don’t possess the stereo-typical 80s high range so I have tended to focus on singers who are closer to what I can produce. This includes the 80s Don Dokken types, but also Pop/CCM Artists like Michael English who has such depth in his tone that I can’t help but admire him. I also spent about five years in a black gospel choir and picked up a number of nuances in my voice that most other rock/metal singers would never use. 






PERSPECTIVE ON OM: I have lived in Nashville since 2003 and had looked off and on for a project that I wanted to be  a part of. I didn’t find it until May of 2010 when I stepped up to the mic with Oblivion Myth. After being in the band for only a few weeks it already felt like family and that is so important to me. Of course I had a love for the band’s sound as well as their heritage. I try to honor the work of those who came before me (Andy Freeman and Sterling Whitmill)  while remaining true to my own style. With a lot of material having been written prior to my joining OM, I have only done minor re-writes and a little tweaking, with a couple of exceptions, such as Spirit’s Wrath, which I reworked the vocal melody to, making this a much heavier track. “Life” is the first song I got to write lyrics and vocal parts for and I am enjoying the sound that Keith, Chris, Randy and Bob bring with my vocal style. I am very much looking forward to being more involved in writing new material!  

OUTSIDE OM: First and foremost, I am a family man. I have been married to my beautiful bride, Patti since 1990 and we have four amazing children together as well as a Pit Bull, Phydeux (pronounced Fido). Our family is very driven by our faith to do our part in helping our fellow man. My wife and I have over 20 years experience working with kids and youth as well as a number of other humanitarian efforts. We are actively involved with “The Bridge Bunch” under the Sanctuary International umbrella, led by our beloved band pastor, Bob Beeman. I also founded Facebook.com/NashvilleMetalBands in August of 2010 to help unite the metal scene here in Nashville. I love hearing people use my, “We are Metal \m/ We are Family” phrase, which I feel sums up that effort. I am grateful for the amazing people this project has allowed me to connect with. Finally I am a vegan and tattoo collector always in need of more ink!     

NAME: Keith Aaron Smith

BIRTHDAY: July 31, 1970

HAILS FROM: Waukegan / Zion / Winthrop Harbor, IL

OM MEMBER SINCE: January 2003

INSTRUMENT: Guitar / Backing Vocals

EQUIPMENT: 2 Ibanez RG550’s from 1987 & 1997, 1990 Charvel-Jackson neck-through, DiMarrzio X2N & Seymore Duncan George Lynch Screaming Demon pickups, DiAddario Strings, B52 AT-100 amplifier, Mesa-Boogie cabinet, boss pedals, Vox Wah and Ernie Ball volume pedals, Finger-Ease, Dunlop Jazz III picks, Rivera M-100 Amplifier and cabinets.

INFLUENCES: Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Stryper, Journey, Rush, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Dio, KISS...







PERSPECTIVE ON OM: The best band experience ever in my life=performing live, writing, recording, the music, the musicians, the musicianship, awesome friends, awesome fans, what more could you ask for?  

OUTSIDE OM: Being outside anywhere & everywhere just chilling or playing. I love golf and cycling, my son's sporting activities, attending church, Tae Kwon Do instructing and classes, hanging with family & friends.

NAME: Bob Schultz

BIRTHDAY: December 2, 1971

HAILS FROM: South Bend, IN



EQUIPMENT: 1970's 6 piece Gretsch drum kit w/ white marine pearl wrap finish. 8'', 10'', 13'', 16'' toms, two 14'' metal snares, (primary Ludwig, secondary Slingerland) 20'' bass drum. DW 5000 double bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand. Cymbals: Paiste Signature Full Crashes: 16", 18", 20", 18" Mellow Crash, 14" Sound Edge Hi hats, 2000 Series 22" Power Ride, 2000 series 16" China, 2002 series 18" China, Paiste Signature 10" splash, Zildjian 8" EFX #1. Also Ridge Rider Rock Cowbell and a DST tambourine. Evans or Remo coated heads on top, clear on bottom.

INFLUENCES: Petra, Stryper, Whiteheart, Guardian, King's X, Van Halen, Rush, Whitecross, Impellitteri, Dave Matthews, Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Ken Tamplin. 




PERSPECTIVE ON OM: I was drawn to OM by two things other than the music. Keith Smith's down to earth, accepting and genuineness of spirit. I was very impressed as I was told at the very first get together in August of 2011 that OM wanted musicians who wanted to be part of a family. Also, God, family, job and OM, in that order were the set priorities.

The other was how those characteristics were reflected in the whole of the band. There was no pretense and I was encouraged to just be myself particularly musically. Patrick Nickell is a great drummer and hard shoes to try and fill. The entire band basically said: "Do your own thing but keep to the spirit of what was there drum-wise."

This band has been very accepting and encouraging and open minded. Musically, these guys really cook! Quality vocals are very important to me and the mellow vocal and guitar intro to "Everlasting Fire" is my favorite part of the current set. Not every singer can do vocally what Ray does particularly in that song. Its' awesome.

My bandmates have challenged me and I have never been more tired after a music practice than with these guys!

My drumming approach is simple: make the music groove, have feel, be catchy as best as I can and play progressively. Let the music ebb and flow and if possible get huge at the end!  

OUTSIDE OM: It's funny that both Keith and I lived in my hometown of South Bend, IN and that we both have television and video production backgrounds. I love sports cars and am kind of a political junkie. I also enjoy playing sports and working with my hands.     

NAME: Randy “Cowboy” Stepp

BIRTHDAY: July 24, 1964

HAILS FROM: Donnelson, TN



EQUIPMENT: ’93 Fender American Jazz Bass, Hartke HA 3500 VX Series Head w/1x15” and 4x10” Hartke cab.

INFLUENCES: 80’s Hard Rock and Metal, especially George Lynch (Lynch Mob / Dokken) as well as the music of Iron Maiden and Rush.




PERSPECTIVE ON OM: I am a Native American Guitarist who decided to jump to Bass for the opportunity to be a part of this talented group of players and am thrilled that we all have similar goals in life and music!  

OUTSIDE OM: I enjoy online gaming, angling for scaly beasts that lurk underwater, spelunking, hunting for Native American artifacts, Buffalo Bills Football and of course songwriting.